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Please fill out all relevant information in the spaces below and click submit at the bottom. Note that all items with an asterisks (*) will need to be entered in order for the form to be processed.

We thank you for your interest in our company and appreciate your time to fill out our employment application form. Unfortunately, we require that you are able to fill all of our selection criteria to be considered for employment with the company. We do conduct training sessions which will enhance your chances for employment with Auscare Staffing Agency.

If you prefer to participate in training and personal development at another training centre then by all means commence the program and then please come back and submit another application at this time for consideration.

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Please read our privacy policy and additional information:

1. You MUST be able to provide us with a Police Clearance certificate dated no more than 12 months before the date of this application. This is a Department of Health and Ageing mandatory requirement for all staff. Persons are not permitted to work in an aged care facility until an appropriate Police Clearance is provided.

2. You MUST he honest and inform us of any changes or convictions recorded against your name since the issue of the above Police Certificate. We will consider extenuating circumstances if you can provide justifications as to why any such convictions of charges should not preclude you from working in a residential aged care facility.

3. You MUST fill out a Statutory Declaration C4.13.2 (provided to you at your interview), if you were a citizen or a resident of a country other than Australia after you turned 16 years of age. This is a Department of Health and Ageing mandatory requirement for all staff.

4. You MUST be legally entitled to work in Australia. You MUST provide us with a certified copy of your work visa if you require a work visa to work in Australia. You MUST also clearly indicate how many hours per week you are allowed to work under your working Visa.

5. You MUST accurately and honestly provide us all your medical and health history. This is important as any future entitlement to compensation under the provisions of the Workers Compensation Act 1981 (as amended) may be affected by a wilfully false answer provided in your employment documentation.

I HAVE read the additional information and agree that I can provide all the items as requested should I progress to the interview stage. The particulars provided in the employment application form are true and correct to the best of my knowledge and I realise that any wilful misstatement or omission of fact may render me liable to dismissal. I authorise you to make such investigations and enquiries as may be required in assessing this application.I HAVE read the Privacy Policy and understand that Auscare Staffing recognises that this form contains sensitive information. In the event that you are unsuccessful in your application for employment the information will be stored in an appropriate manner and then destroyed when it is no longer relevant in accordance with the Privacy Act 1988. No sensitive information will be disclosed to any third parties without first gaining your consent to do so.

I HAVE read the additional information and privacy policy*

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