Quality Service Policy

Auscare has built a reputation within Western Australia for delivering a premium standard of recruitment and placement of temporary and permanent staff in Acute care, Aged care, Home and Community care, Disability and Hospitality services.

Auscare Group is committed to providing a professional level of service to our clients. Senior management have created an awareness of the need to fulfil customer expectations through the establishment of policies, objectives, procedures and systems based on the requirements of the international standard AS/NZS ISO 9001:2008.

In addition, all employees are expected to accept their share of responsibility for identifying client needs and expectations and ensuring that the delivered level of service meets or exceeds these expectations whilst complying with all legal and contractual obligations. This is outlined in the Job Description Form for all new employees.

A range of policies, objectives and operational procedures have been developed which are communicated as part of the company’s orientation process to new staff and are also made available to all employees. Training is also conducted regularly to ensure understanding of company’s policies and procedures.
The documented quality management system is annually reviewed by management to ensure our objective of total customer satisfaction is being met and that the system is suitable and effective in meeting both customer and company needs.

Effective action will be taken to ensure resolution of problems and continual improvement in our operating practices. This policy of continual improvement coupled with the provision of adequate human resources and a clear understanding of customer requirements will lead to strengthening consumer confidence in our ability to provide a reliable and excellent level of service.

We commit all employees of Auscare Group to abide by and implement our policies and procedures in order to enhance our reputation as a customer focused company.

Issued by Managing Director Date: 15.05.2013

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