Recognition of Prior Learning
Students are able to have their competency from prior learning and work experience recognised in this qualification through Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL).
Auscare will provide RPL guides and documentation to students that explain the entire process. Students are encouraged to apply for RPL prior to or immediately after formal enrolment but prior to the delivery of units to ensure that they do not miss any class/simulated lab practice opportunities offered should they be unsuccessful in the RPL process.
RPL is the acknowledgement of skills and knowledge obtained through:
  • Formal training: previous courses run by training providers or in-house training
  • Work experience: on the job experience, including informal training.
  • Life experience: community group involvement, family activities, sports, hobbies, leisure activities, unpaid work, organising events and/or travel.
Applications for RPL will be assessed on an individual basis. Each applicant will need to provide the necessary evidence documentation to demonstrate their competency in accordance with the competency requirement of the relevant qualification for which they are applying for RPL. Documentation of prior learning is the most common form of evidence, however, there are also other forms of evidence including third-party observations, self-assessment reviews, verbal questioning, phone interviews and real work samples such as logbooks, lesson plans, meeting minutes etc.
Evidence documents will be assessed against the rules of evidence namely:
  • Valid: there is a clear relationship between the evidence requirements of the unit of competency and the evidence on which the assessment judgement is made.
  • Sufficient: the performance criteria and evidence guide are addressed; competency over a period of time is demonstrated; all dimensions of competency are addressed, and competency in different contexts is demonstrated.
  • Current: the evidence demonstrates the candidate’s current knowledge and skills.
  • Authentic: it can be verified that the evidence is the candidate’s own work.
Should you feel you that you would be able to receive recognition for some or all the required skills and knowledge, you can organise a short interview with an Auscare assessor to determine if you would benefit for the RPL process.

Credit Transfer

Auscare Group recognizes AQF certification documentation from other RTOs and authenticated VET transcripts issued by the Registrar, and after review and verification of validity will apply a credit to all relevant units of competency/modules.Applicants for Credit Transfer must complete the credit transfer application form, attach a copy of a verified Award or Statement of Attainment and submit the application to Auscare for processing.

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