Medication Competency :

This course covers the skills and knowledge that are required by care workers to administer prescribed medications from dose administration aid (e.g. Webster pack). Medication Competency consists of two components. A Theory component (Medication Administration) must first be completed and is followed by practical component. The practical component is conducted by a Registered Nurse at a partner workplace environment. Participants are required to be assessed on 2 occasions.
  • what medications are used for
  • Legal issues
  • Policies and procedures
  • Storage of drugs;Info;2496

Manual Handling :

This 3 hours practical workshop provides staff with appropriate knowledge and skills to perform their roles effectively by maintaining a safe working environment ( identifying hazards, assessing and controlling risks).

Dysphagia Awareness :

This course is recommended for workers in the Health Care and Community Services Industry. It provides participants with skills and knowledge of choking episodes, what to do if such an event occurs, and the procedures for supporting clients with dysphagia.
Duration : 2 hour workshop;Info;2498

Continence Management( Bowel and Bladder):

This course will provide participants with the skills and knowledge to manage clients with catheters, urodomes, colostomy and ileostomy bags. Course topics include urinary and bowel function, and infection control principles
Duration : 2 hour workshop;Info;2499

Food Safety Workshop :

This course provides participants working in the Health Care and Community Services Industry with the skills and knowledge necessary to safely handle, prepare and store food. The function is undertaken in accordance with organisational policies and procedures;Info;2502

Infection Control Workshop :

This course provides participants in the Health Care and Community Services industry with the skills and knowledge to carry out work activities in accordance to infection control policies, procedures and Industry Standards.

Content covered in this workshop includes.

  • Transmission and chain of infections.
  • Strategies for infection control, including standards and additional precautions .
  • Infection risks and how to appy risk controls .
  • Personal Hygiene practices, including hand washing techniques.
  • Water management systems.
Duration : 2 hour workshop
Recognition :
Participants who successful complete the above courses will receive Auscare Training Organisation’s Certificate of Participation. This Certificate is highly regarded in the health and community services industry. This course can also be tailored to meet the needs and requirements of your organisation.;Info;2497

Clinical Observation :

Every Thursday 1 PM to 3 PM
This course will provide participants with the skills and knowledge to conduct clinical observations in the ageing and disability industry. This practical workshop includes the measurement and recording of various indicators such as: Blood Pressure, Heart Rate, Temperature, blood glucose level and the interpretation of Observation Charts.
Duration : 2 hour workshop
Recognition: Upon successful completion of this course, participants will receive our Certificate of Participation.


Mode of Delivery :

This course will be delivered face-to-face at Auscare Training Organisation.
Course Start Dates :
Please contact Auscare Training Organisation’s offices for details on start dates and times.

Payment and Payment Methods :

Full fee at $80 for each course :
(Or $120 for both Dysphagia Course and Bladder and Bowel Management Course)
Course fees are payable by cash, credit card (+2% credit card fee ) or electronic transfer.
Notes: Complete Payment must be made in advance during enrolment.
Fees and Refund Policy : Our Fees and Refund Policy is provided to you during enrolment in the form of the Student Handbook. If you would like a another copy of our policy, please email .
Campus Location :

Perth Campus 184A, Shepperton Road,

East Victoria Park, W.A. Perth 6101.

For more information on Training Services, please contact Training department on: T : 08 6364 3917 or E : .
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