Vision, Mission & Values


To deliver a high calibre of services that are ‘Quality Assured’ to our clients by being responsive in an efficient manner and providing Exceptional People to give Extraordinary Care.


To be the Provider of premium services and become an Employer of Choice in Acute care, Aged care, Home and Community care , Disability services and Hospitality industry. Our goal is to provide highly qualified and trained staff to our clients, and be a workplace where employees feel that they have the opportunity to develop and reach their potential. We strive to be responsive to our client and employee needs in a timely, efficient and professional manner. Auscare Group aims to become an industry leader and expert in staffing, customer service, and training.

Our core values include:-

  • Collaboration-We believe our ability to succeed is dependent on our relationships with our staff and our clients.
  • Integrity- We believe in operating honestly and ethically ensuring we deliver on our promises.
  • Dignity-We respect people and believe in equal opportunity without regard to age, gender, sexual orientation, religion, culture, race, ethnicity, immigration or employment status.
  • Excellence-We unceasingly pursue perfection in our service delivery, taking pride in our processes and ensuring we maintain a quality approach to achieve excellence.
  • Responsibility-We take accountability for all actions and ensure that fairness and equity is used in our decisions.

Auscare Principles

A – Action
U – Understanding
S – Safety
C – Confidentiality
A – Accountability
R – Respect
E – Earn Trust

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